Aurora (1997 - 1998)

Aurora: A Bright Shining Star

(May 31, 1997 - June 26, 1998)

26 June 98

A little over a year ago, a small, demure fuzzball captured our hearts. She first called to her papa, who, in turn, attempted to convince me that this was the perfect addition to our household. This time it was me that resisted getting this darling since she looked so much like Sundae did as a baby. But, she came home with us that Saturday afternoon and promptly began to mold us into her willing slaves.

As the months passed, I saw the similarities between her and Sundae. You would not believe how she could inhale her food. Well, maybe you could. Especially if you have a few of these eating machines. She also loved getting scratched behind her ears and under her chin. And, oh, how she loved to race around during floor time. Then she would zonk out when she got into the cage. She was a champion sleeper. Not even a flash from a camera would wake her up!

But I also found she was quite different. She absolutely loved her hay. Now, Sundae loved hay, but not like her! Once, when we were treating the whole gang for lice, we put them on Carefresh. She absolutely hated sitting in the stuff. When we put a couple handfuls of hay on top, she went right to it. She ate some with the others, but after they were finished, she promptly dug in with her nose and snuggled under as if it were a blanket and began to happily munch on it. She rarely left the spot except to eat veggies or drink some water.

She was a content, but sensitive, piggie. If guinea pigs can be self-conscious, she certainly was. You really had to be careful around her and not let her take things too personally. Her sensitivity brought out the mothering instincts in me ... I really wanted to protect her and make sure she was always happy. Luckily, she also forgot the bad things quickly. So even if after a bad moment, she would be happy and carefree the next.

My one and only regret is that we were not home with her when she passed on this evening between 2 - 8 p.m. after her vet visit at 11 a.m. At least she had the company of her four companions. I hope she went somewhat peacefully since I feel very guilty about making her go through the stress of going to the doctor.

Rest in peace, my little one.

sleeping Aurora

Note: This picture of Aurora was taken last year as she slept soundly. During this photo session, she allowed me to take five pictures of her before opening her eyes. She then gave me that "What's up, mama?" look, turned around once, and fell asleep again. She was truly a unique cavy.

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