Cavy Album - Dining in Style

Dining in Style

with Chocolate, Sundae, Wheeker,
Truffles, Chesapeake, and Aurora

Last updated: 29 June 96


ChocolateChocolate's normal dinnerGIF file, 110 KB
ChocolateChocolate's favorite veggieGIF file, 132 KB
Sundae & WheekerSundae and Wheeker's favorite saladGIF file, 132 KB
WheekerWheeker asking, "Do you need to watch while I'm eating?"GIF file, 132 KB
Wheeker, Truffles, & AuroraWheeker, Truffles, and Aurora munching on hayGIF file, 143 KB
Wheeker, Truffles, Chesapeake, and AuroraWheeker, Truffles, Chesapeake, and Aurora's favorite saladGIF file, 127 KB

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