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SundaeSundae's first friend, ScruffyGIF file, 138 KB
Sundae"Hi papa!"GIF file, 105 KB
SundaeA good scholar learns to digest booksGIF file, 99 KB
Sundae"Papa, what makes the sky blue?"GIF file, 110 KB
Sundae"Who are you looking at?"GIF file, 105 KB
Sundae"Free!"GIF file, 105 KB
Sundae"Munch, munch, munch!"GIF file, 110 KB
Sundae"Where's the front door?"GIF file, 121 KB
Sundae"I feel pretty, and witty, and gay."GIF file, 94 KB
Sundae"Hello world!"GIF file, 116 KB
Sundae"How is everyone?"GIF file, 105 KB
Sundae"It's almost nap time."GIF file, 132 KB
Sundae"Life is good."GIF file, 116 KB
Sundae"I found the front door!"GIF file, 110 KB
Sundae"Let me in!"GIF file, 105 KB
Sundae"Is anyone home? I can't reach the doorbell!"GIF file, 110 KB
Sundae"Zzz zzz"GIF file, 127 KB
Sundae"If I think 'small', I know I can fit."GIF file, 121 KB

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