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Last updated: 03 September 2000

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Babe Farms Salad BlendThis Babé Farms "Continential Salad Blend" [item#48757] is a favorite of Sundae, Wheeker, and Truffles. We purchase it in 1 lb. bags fresh every week at Price-Costco in Southern California. "The European style mix may contain any of the following seasonal ingredients:

The package is marked with a SELL BY DATE on the back and usually stays fresh in its resealable bag for only about a week. An absolutely fresh shipment will store for a good two weeks. For more information:
Babé Farms Consumer Affairs Department P.O. Box 347 Santa Maria, California 93456 USA Phone #: 1-800-648-6772
To view the bag in more detail:
select GIF, 146KB.

Guinea Pig Treat This treat contains a mixture of pelleted feed and seeds, including red milo, cracked corn, sunflower seeds, barley, oats, and wheat. The inner bags are vacuum sealed for freshness. After opening, the unused portion should be refrigerated to retain freshness and prevent spoilage. Sundae and Wheeker especially like the sunflower seeds in the mixture, but will eat most of it except for the cracked corn. Truffles eats parts of this blend, but not as enthusiatically as the others.

Avant Guinea Pig Treat is distributed by: Avant Sales of Mansfield, MA 02048 and is manufactured in Canada. We purchase a 9 oz. box at Wal-Mart for about $1.25.

Shredded Wheat This is one of Truffles' favorites. She can easily finish one in two days. Keep in mind that she is a very small animal (though she is continuing to grow about an ounce every week or two) and that these are not the "spoon sized" biscuits.

Almost a year ago, we purchased some for Sundae. We found out that some guinea pigs like to eat this cereal and since it does not have any additives or preservatives (except for one put on the packaging) we decided to try it out. No matter how much we tried to convince her that this was healthy stuff, she would not touch it. We were then left with a 15 ounce box of cereal that we did not care for either.

When Wheeker joined our family, we tried it on her as well. However, since Sundae did not like it, she also did not find any value in it. After all, the main food Wheeker has interest in is the food that is already in Sundae's mouth. Now after having two that would not even touch the cereal, we cannot keep enough of the cereal in the house!

Supreme Guinea Pig Mix This pelleted feed are our cavies' favorite staple. It seems to be available in every pet store in the southern california area. The feed is a mix of two types of pellets sprinkled with rolled oat groats and barley. The green pellets are standard alfalfa meal based while the tan pellets are high protein supplements. Sundae (and Chocolate) especially love to dig through the bowl and eat up all the tan pellets and rolled oat groats.

Supreme Guinea Pig Mix is manufactured by: Kaytee Products, Inc., of Chilton, WI 53014 & Rialto, CA 92376. We buy the 5 lbs. bags for about $3. The packages do not seem to be stamped with a mill date.

Mazuri Guinea Pig Diet - 5664This plain milled feed is the newest addition (3/96) to our cavies' diet. Keep in touch with future editions of the "Cavy Chronicles" to see if Sundae and Wheeker will continue to eat these pellets, day in and day out.

Mazuri Guinea Pig Diet - 5664 is produced as 5/32" diameter x 1/8" length pellets in 25 lb. paper bags.

For more information about Mazuri Guinea Pig Diet, call 1-800-227-8941. Their guinea pig literature, "SP 1769 B Guinea Pig Pet Information Guide", is available from:

PMI Feeds, Inc.
1401 S. Hanley Road
St. Louis, MO 63144

Owner's update: after a few weeks, it seems that Sundae and Wheeker have grown tired of these pellets. We'll start mixing more of these pellets to the rest of their staples to see if they regain their appetite for Mazuri. May 96.

Manna Pro Guinea Pig PelletsThis plain milled feed is the newest addition (2/2000) to our cavies' diet. Since February 2000, we are no longer giving our guinea pigs the Supreme since our current herd does not like them.

Manna Pro Small World Guinea Pig Pellets comes in 25 and 50 lb. bags. The pellets are larger and not as hard as other pellets.

For more information about Manna Pro Guinea Pig Pellets, visit their website.

Critical Care For HerbivoresCritical Care is a syringe feeding formula for convalescing small herbivores. Oxbow Hay Company sells it in 5 oz. packets for $8.95.

We have been using it for guinea pigs that have either lost weight or stopped eating. We mix just enough for a single feeding, which is 4 cc warm water (heated in microwave for 11 seconds) and 7 heaping McDonald coffee stirrers of Critical Care. To make it pass through a syringe easier, we mix in 2 cc oatmeal baby food. This is fed every three hours.

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