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A Day in the Lives of Four Cavies
May - December 1997


A New Bundle of Joy!

31 May 97


Those of you who have been keeping up on the new additions to our cavy family probably knew this was coming. Today we found a new member to our family. She is about two months old and weighs a little over one pound. Here is what the rest of the gang has to say about her (They have not met her yet, but they know something is going on).

Wheeker: It smells like another cavy. That means I have another baby to teach all the tricks ... like how to beg for food and look innocent after chewing on some mouse cords.

Truffles: I think I smell another friend to play with. We will run and jump around on the floor during floor time. I wonder when I get to meet her?

Chesapeake: I can smell something ... I can smell something. I wonder if it is something to eat?

We have a couple names in mind, but we welcome any suggestions. Just send in your suggestions to the address below, and we will post them. If you would like to write to her, please send e-mail to her at buddies@buddies.org. She is still too skittish to be able to sit at a computer to answer her e-mail, but Truffles has graciously volunteered to answer her mail. If you would like to see a closeup of her, click here or on her picture above.

As of June 28, 1997, here's a list of the name suggestions received for our newest buddy:

Your beautiful new baby looks like a "Cupcake" with little cherry eyes.
-- Submitted by MiriamFoodlady

Petunia - it's feminine and starts with P for the pink eyes.
-- Submitted by Debbie

Pffeneusse (sp.?? the Christmas cookie rolled in powdered sugar)
Lichee (an Asian white fruit)
any flowers that may be white-rhodies, rose/rosebud, daisy, etc.
an automobile - one of the GPs around here is named Catera, after the new Cadillac, since her brother was named El Dorado.
-- Submitted by Cato

Danish Wedding Cookie (called Dannie for short? ;-)
-- Submitted by Libby

Snoball (the cupcake with the white frosting and coconut, not the cold thing you throw!)?
-- Submitted by Dale and the Mad Scramblers!

"Dim Sum" which translates roughly to "a little heart's delight"
-- Submitted by Phoebe's Mom

-- Submitted by Abigail3@aol.com

Lily- Did I request this for Chesapeake? Well, it seems better for your new one.
Sugar- Sweet, soft...
Tamanala- This is not just a name for anyone!
Cherry- Those eyes!
Daisy- She is one!
Preceosa- (sp?) Spainish for precous. (sp?)
-- Submitted by Alli

-- Submitted by Van Davis

-- Submitted by Scott Schutts

-- Submitted by Angela

Lace (She's white, ya know!)

And here's a message from my two little female guinea pigs:
Winnie: Cute little upstart. (She is 1 year, 1 month old)
Peanut: Wow! She's got red eyes like me!!! I wonder if she can stand up on hind legs yet? (Peanut is 5 months old)
-- Submitted by Lucy


Introducing Aurora!

29 June 97


Thank you for all your wonderful name suggestions for our newest arrival. She went through several names, but she has finally told us her name. One name I liked was Goldie, since she can go through twenty-four carrots (sounds like karats) pretty quickly. So, I thought she could be our white gold cavie. But she and her papa did not like the name. So I started thinking about words that begin with Au, the chemical symbol for gold.

Aurora and her papa like her name ... and she is a bright, shining star in our lives. She is very active and is always ready to play with everyone. She enjoys living with her sisters (we are going to have to change the title of this column since we now have four cavies ... any ideas?). Chesapeake is happy that she has someone she can boss around. Most of the time, Wheeker and Truffles leave her alone ... unless she bumps into one of them while she is bouncing around the pen.

If you would like to write to her, please send e-mail to her at buddies@buddies.org. She is not much of a computer cavie, but Wheeker will read any mail to her and ask her what she would like to say.


Wheat Grass??!!

31 Dec 97

Wheat Grass    Wheat Grass

There is a thread on the Guinea Pig Daily Digest called "You know you are a guinea pig slave when ...", so here's mine. You know you are a guinea pig slave when you shop in a health food store and everything you buy there is for the cavies!

As we looked around the store for tasty tidbits for the girls, we came across quite a bit of organically grown veggies (which they are enjoying very much) as well as some grass growing in some pots. We were quite curious about this "lawn growing in a grocery store" and brought some home for our girls to try. Here are their reactions.

Mama (human): Yuck! This stuff tastes green ... like grass. Where's the Mountain Dew?

Wheeker: Yummy, yum, yum! I'll tell you about it later. Gotta get back to it before Chesapeake eats it all.

Truffles: I guess this stuff tastes okay. Nothing special about it.

Chesapeake: Move over Truffles. I'm coming in. Don't hog it all, Wheeker!

Aurora: It tastes pretty good, but it's not parsley.

If you have any culinary delights to share with my girls, send them to: buddies@buddies.org. They are quite happy to sample any suggestions you might have.

As of March 20, 1998, here's a list of yummies that we received through cyberspace:

I find that my two girls (Candie and Cookie) enjoy digestive biscuits and Twiglets. They also like Peter Rabbit treats and honey coated chew sticks. When we give them veggies they like cabbage (yuk!)
-- Submitted by Claire (UK). Anyone know where these can be found in the US?

Copyright 1997 M. E. Barr.


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