Christian CD Collection A - E

Christian CD Collection A - E

Last updated: 28 December 98

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 Alliesshoulder to shoulder1987Dayspring
 AlliesLong Way From Paradise1989Dayspring
 Alliesman with a mission1992Dayspring
 Margaret BeckerNever for Nothing1987Sparrow
 Margaret BeckerThe Reckoning1988Sparrow
 Margaret BeckerImmigrant's Daughter1989Sparrow
 Margaret BeckerSimple House1991Sparrow
 Margaret BeckerSteps of Faith 1987-19911992Sparrow
order nowMargaret BeckerSoul1993Sparrow
order nowMargaret BeckerGrace1995Sparrow
order nowMargaret Beckerfalling forward1998Sparrow
 Jodi BensonSongs From The Beginner's Bible1991Sparrow
 Jodi BensonSongs From The Beginner's Bible volume 21992Sparrow
 Kim Boycelove is you to me1989Myrrh
 Kim BoyceThis I Know1990Myrrh
 Kim Boyceas i am1997Diadem
 Scott Wesley BrownAll My Best/The Language of Jesus is Love1987Sparrow
 Scott Wesley BrownTo the Ends of the Earth1988Word
 Scott Wesley BrownThe Passionate Pursuit1991Word
 Scott Wesley BrownThe Scott Wesley Brown Collection1995Sparrow
order nowScott Wesley BrownMore Like You1998Threefold
 Steve CampFire and Ice1984Sparrow
 Steve CampShake Me To Wake Me1985Sparrow
 Steve CampOne On One1986Sparrow
 Steve CampAfter God's Own Heart1987Sparrow
 Steve CampJustice1988Sparrow
 Steve Campdoing my Best1990Sparrow
 Steve Campdoing my Best volume 21991Sparrow
 Steve CampConsider the Cost1991Sparrow
 Steve CampTaking Heaven by Storm1993Warner
order nowSteve Campmercy in the wilderness1994Warner
order nowSteve CampThe Steve Camp Collection1995Sparrow
 Michael CardLegacy/First Light1983Benson
 Michael Cardthe Life1988Sparrow
 Michael CardPresent Reality1988Sparrow
 Michael CardSleep Sound In Jesus1989Sparrow
 Michael CardThe Beginning1989Sparrow
 Michael CardThe Way of Wisdom1990Sparrow
 Michael CardThe Promise1991Sparrow
 Michael CardThe Word: recapturing the imagination1992Sparrow
 Michael CardThe Ancient Faith1993Sparrow
 Michael CardCome to the Cradle1993Sparrow
order nowMichael CardJoy in the Journey: 10 Years of Greatest Hits1994Sparrow
order nowMichael Cardpoiema1994Sparrow
 Michael CardClose Your Eyes So You Can See1996Myrrh
order nowMichael Card & John Michael TalbotBrother to Brother1996Word
order nowMichael CardUnveiled Hope1997Myrrh
order nowBob CarlisleButterfly Kisses (Shades of Grace)1996Diadem
order nowCarmanRevival in the Land1989Benson
 Chagall GuevaraChagall Guevara1991MCA
 Gary Chapmanthe early years1982Lamb & Lion
 Gary Chapmaneveryday man1987Reunion
order nowGary ChapmanThe Light Inside1994Reunion
order nowGary ChapmanShelter1996Reunion
 Gary ChapmanThis Gift1997Reunion
order nowSteven Curtis Chapmanfirst hand1987Sparrow
order nowSteven Curtis Chapmanreal life conversations1988Sparrow
order nowSteven Curtis ChapmanMore to This Life1989Sparrow
order nowSteven Curtis ChapmanFor the Sake of the Call1990Sparrow
order nowSteven Curtis ChapmanThe Great Adventure1992Sparrow
order nowSteven Curtis ChapmanThe Live Adventure1993Sparrow
order nowSteven Curtis ChapmanThe Best of Steven Curtis Chapman: The Early Years1994Sparrow
order nowSteven Curtis ChapmanHeaven in the Real World1994Sparrow
order nowSteven Curtis ChapmanThe Music of Christmas1995Sparrow
order nowSteven Curtis ChapmanSigns of Life1996Sparrow
order nowSteven Curtis ChapmanGreatest Hits1997Sparrow
 The ChoirThe Choir: Music Preview and Band Interview1996Tattoo
 The ContinentalsTogether We Will Stand1985Christian
 The ContinentalsStand Up, Move Out!1993Christian
 Billy CrockettThe Basic Stuff1989Urgent
order nowAndrať Crouchtribute: the songs of Andrať Crouch1996Warner
 David & the GiantsR-U Gonna Stand Up1989Giant
 DeGarmo and KeyThis Ain't Hollywood1978Forefront
 DeGarmo and KeyMission of Mercy1983Forefront
 DeGarmo and KeyThe Pledge1989Power Discs
 DeGarmo and KeyGo to the Top1991Benson
 DeGarmo and KeyDestined to Win: The Classic Rock Collection1992Forefront
order nowDeGarmo and KeyHeat it Up1993Benson
 DeGarmo and KeyTo Extremes1994Forefront
 DeGarmo and KeyGreatest Hits Volume 11994Forefront
 Bryan DuncanComplete (Committed, Rolling)1986Light
 Bryan DuncanNow and Then1987Light
 Bryan DuncanWhistlin' in the Dark1987Modern Art
order nowBryan DuncanStrong Medicine1989Modern Art
order nowBryan DuncanAnonymous Confessions of a Lunatic Friend1990Myrrh
order nowBryan DuncanMercy1992Myrrh
order nowBryan Duncanslow revival1994Myrrh
order nowBryan DuncanUnidos En El1995Myrrh
order nowBryan DuncanChristmas is Jesus1995Myrrh
 Bryan DuncanThe Light Years1995Light
order nowBryan DuncanMy Utmost for His Highest: Quiet Prayers1996Myrrh
order nowBryan DuncanBlue Skies1996Myrrh
order nowBryan Duncanthe last time i was here1998Word
 Chris EatonVision1986Reunion
 Chris Eatonwonderful world1995Sparrow
 Chris Eatonwhat kind of love1998Warner
 John ElefanteWindows of Heaven1995Word
order nowJohn ElefanteCorridors1997Pamplin

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