Christian CD Collection F - L

Christian CD Collection F - L

Last updated: 28 December 98

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 Mark FarnerJust Another Injustice1988Frontline
 Mark FarnerWake Up . . .1989Frontline
 Mark FarnerSome Kind of Wonderful1991Frontline
 Mark FarnerCloser to Home1992Frontline
 Farrell & FarrellThe Meek and the Mighty1989Starsong
 Farrell & FarrellSuperpower1989Dayspring
order nowFirst CallAn Evening In December1985Dayspring
 First CallUndivided1986Dayspring
 First Callsomething takes over1987Dayspring
order nowFirst CallAn Evening In December, volume two1987Dayspring
 First CallGod is Good1989Myrrh
 First CallHuman Song1992Myrrh
order nowFirst CallSacred Journey1993Myrrh
 First CallConcert Medley1993Myrrh
order nowFirst CallBeyond December1995Warner
order nowFirst CallFirst Call1996Warner
 John FischerWide Angle1992Enclave
order nowGlass HarpGlass Harp1970Lineca
order nowGlass HarpSynergy1971Lineca
 Glass HarpIt Makes Me Glad1972Lineca
order nowGlass HarpLive! At Carnegie Hall1997Canis Major
order nowAmy GrantAmy Grant1977Myrrh
order nowAmy GrantMy Father's Eyes1979Myrrh
order nowAmy GrantNever Alone1980Myrrh
order nowAmy GrantIn Concert1981Myrrh
order nowAmy GrantIn Concert Volume Two1981Myrrh
order nowAmy GrantAge to Age1982Myrrh
order nowAmy GrantA Christmas Album1983A&M
order nowAmy GrantStraight • Ahead1984Myrrh
order nowAmy Grantunguarded1985A&M
order nowAmy GrantThe Collection1986A&M
order nowAmy Grantlead me on1988A&M
order nowAmy GrantHeart In Motion1991Myrrh
 Amy GrantBaby Baby (single)1991A&M
 Amy GrantEvery Heartbeat (single)1991A&M
 Amy GrantGood For Me (single)1991A&M
 Amy GrantThat's What Love Is For (single)1991A&M
order nowAmy GrantHome For Christmas1992Myrrh
 Amy GrantSongs from the Loft1993Reunion
 Amy GrantMusic of the Spirit1994A.G. Production
order nowAmy Granthouse of love1994Myrrh
 Amy GrantLucky One (single)1994A&M
 Amy Granthouse of love (single)1994A&M
 Amy Grantbig yellow taxi (single)1994A&M
 Amy GrantThe Things We Do For Love (single)1996Touchstone
 Amy Grant"Takes a Little Time" (single)1997Myrrh
order nowAmy GrantBehind the Eyes1997A&M
 Amy GrantMore Music from Behind the Eyes (single)1997A&M
 Keith GreenSongs for the Shepherd1982Pretty Good
 Keith GreenThe Ministry Years 1977-19791987Sparrow
 Keith GreenThe Ministry Years 1980-19821988Sparrow
 Steve GreenFind Us Faithful1988Sparrow
 Steve Greenthe mission1989Sparrow
 Steve GreenWe believe1991Sparrow
order nowSteve Greenhymns: A Portrait Of Christ1992Sparrow
order nowSteve GreenWhere Mercy Begins1994Sparrow
 Pam Mark HallKeeper1986Reunion
 Pam Mark HallPaler Shade1993Storyville
 Benny HesterPerfect1989Frontline
 Benny Hesterunited we stand / divided we fall1990Frontline
 Dallas HolmClassics/Praise and Worship1988Benson
 Just CauseJust Cause1996Just Cause
 Phil KeaggyWhat a Day/Love Broke Thru1976Myrrh
 Phil KeaggyTown to Town/Ph'lip Side/Play Thru Me1980Myrrh
 Phil Keaggyphil keaggy and sunday's child1988Myrrh
order nowPhil KeaggyThe Master and The Musician1989Myrrh
order nowPhil Keaggyfind me in these fields1990Myrrh
order nowPhil KeaggyBeyond Nature1991Myrrh
order nowPhil KeaggyThe Wind and the Wheat1992Myrrh
 Phil Keaggyrevelator1993Myrrh
 Phil KeaggyCrimson and Blue1993Myrrh
order nowPhil Keaggyblue1994Word
order nowPhil KeaggyWay Back Home1994Sparrow
order nowPhil Keaggytrue believer1995Sparrow
order nowPhil KeaggyTime (disc 1)1995Myrrh
order nowPhil KeaggyTime (disc 2)1995Myrrh
order nowPhil Keaggy2201996Sparrow
order nowPhil Keaggy; Wes King & Scott Dentéinvention1997Sparrow
order nowPhil Keaggyon the fly1997Canis Major
order nowPhil KeaggyAcoustic Sketches1998Sparrow
order nowPhil Keaggyphil keaggy1998Word
order nowDana KeyPart of the Mystery1995Ardent
order nowWes Kingmotivation1990Reunion
order nowWes KingSticks & Stones1991Reunion
order nowWes Kingthe robe1993Reunion
 Wes KingCommon Creed Promo1995Reunion
 Wes KingCommon Creed Promo Radio1995Reunion
order nowWes KingCommon Creed1995Reunion
order nowWes Kinga room full of stories1997Sparrow
 Lenny LeBlancAll My Dreams1994Integrity
 Lenny LeBlancthe bridge1996Integrity
 Mylon LeFevreSheep • in • Wolves • Clothing1985Myrrh
order nowGrover Levygrover levy (includes CD-ROM)1995Myrrh
order nowGrover Levywrestling angels1997Myrrh
order nowKerry LivgrenOne of Several Possible Musiks1989Sparrow
 Kerry LivgrenDecade1992Sparrow
order nowLove SongLove Song1972Ocean
 Love SongFinal Touch1974Ocean
order nowLove SongWelcome Back1995Word

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