Christian CD Collection T - Various

Christian CD Collection T - Various

Last updated: 28 December 98

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 Russ TaffMedals1985Myrrh
 Russ TaffRuss Taff1987Myrrh
 Russ TaffThe Way Home1989Myrrh
 Russ TaffA Christmas Song1992Sparrow
order nowTake 6Take 61988Reprise
order nowTake 6so much 2 say1990Reprise
order nowTake 6He is Christmas1991Reprise
order nowTake 6join the band1994Warner
order nowTake 6brothers1996Reprise
order nowTake 6You Don't Have To Be Afraid (single)1996Reprise
order nowTake 6So Cool1998Reprise
 Steve TaylorMeltdown1984Sparrow
 Steve Taylori predict 19901987Myrrh
 Steve TaylorThe Best We Could Find1988Sparrow
 Steve TaylorSquint1993Warner
 Steve TaylorNow the Truth Can Be Told1994Sparrow
 Steve Taylorliver1995Warner
order nowKathy TroccoliStubborn Love1994Reunion
 Kathy TroccoliImages1986Reunion
order nowKathy TroccoliPure Attraction1991Reunion
order nowKathy TroccoliKathy Troccoli1994Reunion
order nowKathy TroccoliSounds of Heaven1995Reunion
order nowKathy TroccoliLove & Mercy1997Reunion
 Kathy TroccoliLove One Another (single)1997Reunion
order nowKathy TroccoliCorner Of Eden1998Reunion
 Two HeartsStand Your Ground1992Starsong
 Two HeartsGive 'Em the Word1993Starsong
 UndercoverBoys & Girls Renounce the World!/Branded1986Broken
order nowU2War1983Island
order nowU2The Joshua Tree1987Island
order nowU2Rattle and Hum1988Island
 Greg X. Volzthe river is rising1986Myrrh
 Greg X. VolzThe Exodus1991River
 Sheila WalshShadowlands1986Myrrh
 Sheila WalshSay So1988Myrrh
 Sheila WalshSimple Truth1989Myrrh
 Sheila Walshfor a time like this1991Starsong
 Matthew WardFade to White1988Live Oak
 Wayne WatsonNew Lives For Old/Man in the Middle1984Benson
 Wayne Watsongiants in the land1987Dayspring
 Wayne WatsonWatercolour Ponies1987Dayspring
order nowWayne WatsonThe Fine Line1988Dayspring
order nowWayne WatsonHome Free1990Dayspring
order nowWayne WatsonHow Time Flies1992Dayspring
order nowWayne WatsonA Beautiful Place1993Dayspring
order nowWayne Watsonone christmas eve1994Word
order nowWayne WatsonField of Souls1995Warner
order nowWayne Watsonthe way home1998Word
 White HeartWhite Heart/Vital Signs1983Home Sweet
 White HeartPower House1990Starsong
 Kelly WillardLookin' back '77-'861991Maranatha!
order nowBeBe and CeCe WinansHeaven1988Sparrow
order nowBeBe and CeCe WinansDifferent Lifestyles1991Sparrow
 BeBe and CeCe Winansaddictive love1991Capitol
 BeBe and CeCe Winansi'll take you there1991Capitol
order nowBeBe and CeCe Winans First Christmas1993Sparrow
order nowBeBe and CeCe Winansrelationships1994Sparrow
 Various20 Contemporary Songs of Worship Volume 11990Benson
order nowVariousThe Apostle1998October
 VariousCheck It Out!: 1994 Benson Music Group Collection1994Benson
 VariousExperience This1995Sparrow
 VariousGeneration 2 Generation1992Benson
order nowVariousGiving you the rest of my life1994Sparrow
 VariousHosanna/15 Songs of Freedom1989Maranatha!
 VariousHosanna! Music Classics1994Hosanna!
 VariousHymns & Voices1995Sparrow
 VariousLove Songs For Christian Couples1988Maranatha!
 VariousLove Songs For Christian Couples • Volume 21990Maranatha!
 VariousLove Songs For Christian Couples • Volume 31994Maranatha!
 VariousMusic You Can Believe In1995Reunion
 VariousMusic You Can Believe In volume 21996Reunion
order nowVariousMy Utmost for His Highest1995Myrrh
order nowVariousMy Utmost for His Highest: The Covenant1996Myrrh
order nowVariousMy Utmost for His Highest: The Anthems1997Word
 VariousNo Compromise: Remembering ... Keith Green1992Sparrow
 VariousOne by One1989Sparrow
 VariousOur Hymns1989Word
 VariousOur Christmas1990Word
order nowVariousOur Family1993Everland
order nowVariousPraise 31987Maranatha!
 VariousPraise 81987Maranatha!
 VariousPraise 91988Maranatha!
 VariousPraise 141990Maranatha!
 VariousPraise 151992Maranatha!
 VariousTake 'Em With You 61987Word
 VariousTattoo CD Sampler 971997Tattoo
order nowVariousTouched By An Angel: The Album1998Sony
order nowVarioustribute: the songs of Andrať Crouch1996Warner
order nowVariousWow 19961995Sparrow
order nowVariousWow 19971996Sparrow
order nowVariousWow 19981997Sparrow
order nowVariousWow 19991998Sparrow

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