Christian CD Collection M - S

Christian CD Collection M - S

Last updated: 28 December 98

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 David MeeceAre you ready?1980Myrrh
 David MeeceCount the Cost1983Myrrh
 David MeeceChronology1986Myrrh
 David MeeceCandle in the Rain1987Myrrh
 David MeeceLearning to Trust1989Starsong
 David MeeceOnce in a Lifetime1993Starsong
 David MeeceOdyssey1995Starsong
 Tim MinerA True Story1990Frontline
order nowRich Mullinsthe Jesus record1998Word
 Twila ParisKnowin' You're Around1980 Benson
 Twila ParisThe Warrior Is A Child/Keepin' My Eyes On You1984Benson
 Twila ParisKingdom Seekers1985Starsong
 Twila ParisSame Girl1987Starsong
 Twila ParisFor Every Heart1988Starsong
 Twila Parisit's the thought . . .1989Starsong
order nowTwila Pariscry for the desert1990Starsong
order nowTwila ParisSanctuary1991Starsong
 Twila ParisA Heart that Knows You1992Starsong
order nowTwila ParisBeyond a Dream1993Starsong
 Twila ParisThe Time is Now1995Starsong
order nowTwila ParisWhere I Stand1996Sparrow
order nowTwila Parisperennial: songs for the seasons of life1998Sparrow
 Leon PatilloThe Sky's the Limit1984Myrrh
order nowSandi PattiSandi's Song1979Word
order nowSandi PattiLove Overflowing1981Word
order nowSandi PattiLift Up The Lord1982Word
order nowSandi PattiThe Gift Goes On1983Word
order nowSandi PattiMore Than Wonderful1983Word
order nowSandi PattiSongs from the Heart1984Word
order nowSandi PattiHymns Just For You1985Word
order nowSandi PattiMorning Like This1986Word
order nowSandi PattiSandi Patti Presents A Symphony of Praise1988Word
order nowSandi PattiMake His Praise Glorious1988A&M
order nowSandi PattiSandi Patti and the friendship company1989Word
order nowSandi PattiThe Finest Moments1989Word
order nowSandi Pattianother time . . . another place1990Word
order nowSandi PattiThe Friendship Company: Open For Business1991Everland
 Sandi PattiCelebrate Christmas!1992Hallmark
order nowSandi PattiLe Voyage1993Word
order nowSandi Pattyfind it on the wings1994Word
order nowSandi PattyO Holy Night1995Word
 Sandi Patty & Peabo BrysonIt's Christmas!1996Hallmark
order nowSandi Pattyartist of my soul1997Word
 PetraWashes Whiter Than/Never Say Die1979Starsong
 PetraMore Power To Ya1982Starsong
 PetraNot Of This World1983Starsong
 PetraBeat The System1984Starsong
 Leslie PhillipsBeyond Saturday Night1983Myrrh
 Leslie Phillipsdancing with Danger1984Myrrh
 Leslie PhillipsBlack and White in a Grey World1985Myrrh LA
order nowLeslie PhillipsRecollection1987Myrrh LA
 Leslie PhillipsThe Turning1987Myrrh LA
order nowSam PhillipsThe Turning1987Myrrh
order nowSam Phillipsthe Indescribable Wow1988Virgin
order nowSam Phillipscruel inventions1991Virgin
order nowSam PhillipsMartinis & Bikinis1994Virgin
order nowSam Phillipsomnipop1996Virgin
 Michele PillarCompact Favorites1989Sparrow
 Michele PillarLove Makes all the Difference1991Urgent
 Keith RoutledgePraise Him on the Piano1991Word
 Connie ScottHeartbeat/Spirit Mover1985Image 7
 Connie Scottforever young1989Image 7
 Connie ScottLive to Tell1992Image 7
 Second Chapter of ActsWith Footnotes/In the Volume of the Book1975Live Oak
 Second Chapter of ActsThe Roar of Love1976Live Oak
 Second Chapter of ActsHow The West Was One Volume One1977Live Oak
 Second Chapter of ActsHow The West Was One Volume Two1977Live Oak
 Second Chapter of ActsSinger Sower/Rejoice1983Live Oak
 Second Chapter of ActsFar Away Places1987Live Oak
 Second Chapter of ActsMansion Builder1991Sparrow
 Second Chapter of ActsHymns1991Sparrow
 Second Chapter of ActsHymns II1991Sparrow
 Second Chapter of ActsHymns Instrumental1991Sparrow
 Second Chapter of Acts201992Sparrow
 ServantLight Maneuvers1984Myrrh
 SilverwindSilverwind/A Song in the Night1982Sparrow
order nowMichael W. SmithMichael W. Smith project1983Reunion
order nowMichael W. SmithMichael W. Smith 21984Reunion
order nowMichael W. SmithThe Big Picture1986Reunion
order nowMichael W. SmithThe Live Set1987Reunion
order nowMichael W. Smithi 2 (eye)1988Reunion
order nowMichael W. SmithChristmas1989Reunion
order nowMichael W. SmithGo West Young Man1990Reunion
order nowMichael W. SmithChange Your World1992Reunion
 Michael W. Smiththe wonder years1993Reunion
order nowMichael W. Smiththe first decade 1983–19931993Reunion
 Michael W. SmithLiving on the Edge!1994Word
order nowMichael W. SmithI'll lead you home1995Reunion
order nowMichael W. Smithlive the life (single)1997Reunion
order nowMichael W. SmithLove Me Good (single)1998Reunion
order nowMichael W. Smithlive the life1998Reunion
order nowMichael W. SmithChristmastime1998Reunion
 Paul SmithBack To Who I Am1989Dayspring
 Randy Stonehillthirst1998Brentwood
 Sweet Comfort BandSweet Comfort1977Maranatha!
 Sweet Comfort BandBreakin' The Ice1978Light
 Sweet Comfort BandHold On Tight!1979Light
 Sweet Comfort BandHearts of Fire!1981Light
 Sweet Comfort BandCutting Edge1982Light
 Sweet Comfort BandPerfect Timing1991Light
 Sweet Comfort BandPrime Time1985Light

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