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Last updated: 28 December 2000

Cavy Chronicles A Day in the Lives of Five Cavies Ask the Cavies Cavy
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Here's a list of guinea pig books, booklets, magazines and computer software resources we've collected over the last 15-20 years. A fair number of these books seem to still be in print (or listed) and may be available on-line. If you want to try to find out more about them, or better yet, would like to get a copy for your own guinea pig book collection, just click on the book icon in the left most column. If the book icon is shown, then these links will show you's listing for the book and you can go from there as you like.

Unless otherwise noted, all book reviews on this site were personally written by These reviews are the opinion of the authors and are provided as as a service to the Cavy Community at large on the World Wide Web. If you have a book you would like reviewed or would like to share a review, please write us.

If you have any interesting or useful Cavy books or resources that you would like others to know about, please share it with us and we will list it also. Please include as much of the information about the publication as you see below and include your reasons for submitting it and what you like about it.

General Audience Books
Guinea Pig Care Books, A-G
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Guinea Pig Care Books
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Guinea Pig Care Books, A-G

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CoverTitle Publisher /
Date /
Notes, including list price
order now All About Your Guinea Pig Ringpress Books, UK / 1-86054-0260-0 1998 / 29 Paperback-$2.95. Bradley Viner. Other titles in series: goldfish, hamster & rabbit.
order now Anatomy of the Guinea PigHarvard University, MA / 0-674-03159-8 1975 / 417 Hard cover-$67.50. Gale Cooper and Alan L. Schiller.
order now The Biology and Medicine of Rabbits and RodentsWilliams & Wilkins, MD / 0-683-03919-9 1995 / 372 Paperback-$36.95. John E. Harkness and Joseph E. Wagner.
order now Caring for Your Pet -
Rabbits and Guinea Pigs
Smithmark, NY / 0-8317-6846-0 1996 / 64 Hard cover-$5.98. Don Harper. Other titles in series: hamsters and gerbils, budgies, puppies and dogs, goldfish & kittens and cats.
  Cavy Guide Book Cavy Capitol, CA 55 pages Paperback -$4.00. A Collection of Cavy Care Booklets
order nowUK Amazon Collins Family Pet Guides: Guinea PigsHarperCollins, UK / 0-00-4133889 1999 / 128 Paperback-6.99. Peter Gurney.
order now A Complete Authoritative Guide -
Guinea Pigs Today
TFH Publications, NJ / 0-7938-0116-8 1997 / 64 Hard cover-$9.95. Dennis Kelsey-Wood.
book review
order nowThe Complete Book on Taming and Training Your Guinea Pig Silver Sea Press, CA / 0-916005-06-2 1987 / 28 Paperback-$3.95. Vicki Lasell.
  Cuisine Bytes for Guinea Pigs Mullin's Desktop Publishing 1997 / 16 Paperback. Carolyn and John Mullin. 33 delicious recipes for your cavies. Not currently in press.
order now Diseases of Domestic Guinea PigsBlackwell Science, MA / 0-632-03301-0 1992 / 133 Paperback-$32.95. V.C.G. Richardson.
 Enjoy Your Guinea Pig
(Pet Library Enjoy series)
The Pet Library LTD, NJ / 0-87826-353-5 19XX / 32 Paperback. Earl Schneider.
order nowThe Essential Guinea PigHowell Book House, NY / 0-87605-330-4 1998 / 92 Paperback-$7.95. Betsy Sikora Siino. Excellent list of cavy related resources including cavy clubs in the last chapter.
order now Ferrets, Rabbits, and Rodents: Clinical Medicine and SurgeryW.B. Saunders, PA / 0-7216-4023-0 1997 / 432 Paperback-$49.95. Elizabeth V. Hillyer and Katherine E. Quesenberry.
order now A Grown-up's Guide to Guinea PigsiUniverse, NY / 0-595-14194-3 2000 / 135 Paperback-$11.95. Dale Sigler.
order nowGuide to Owning A Guinea Pig:
Housing, Feeding, Breeding, Exhibition & Health Care
TFH Publications, NJ / 0-7938-2153-3 1997 / 64 Paperback-$6.95. Graham J. Edsel. Pictures are impressive! They are very glossy and results in some of the best photographs in the books in this collection.
order nowGuinea Pigs
(Contains over 80 Full-Color Photos and Drawings)
TFH Publications, NJ / 0-86622-830-6 1988 / 128 Hard cover-$9.95. Kay Ragland.
order nowGuinea Pigs
(16 Pages of Full-Color Photos Inside)
TFH Publications, NJ / 0-86622-987-6 1990 / 80 Paperback-$6.95. Carolyn Ruf.

Cavy Chronicles A Day in the Lives of Five Cavies Ask the Cavies Cavy
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